A Few Words From Presenters:  

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  “Throughout our lives we meet people whose talent may be writing poetry or music, some play an instrument or sing or maybe they are engaging storytellers. But every once in awhile we are lucky enough to meet someone who has all of these abilities combined. It is our good fortune to know such a person, Dave Morrison. It has been our pleasure to host house concerts in our backyard featuring Dave. Dave has a way of touching each person in the audience with his gift of sharing lyrically and musically his outlook on life whether it be humorous, somber or thought-provoking. Dave’s relaxed and friendly mannerisms while on stage make you feel like you have known him forever, making it easy for the audience (or as in our case, throughout the Canyon) to become totally and wonderfully captivated for the evening.”
-Heidi Stearns, Vance & Heidi’s House Concerts, Carbon Canyon, CA

"Dave Morrison's show at Maple Valley Performing Arts Center left a lasting impression on his audience. His relaxed personality and ability to thread engaging stories between numbers lets his audience feel at ease while enjoying his heartfelt songs"
-Jim Hannah: Maple Valley Performing Arts Center, Maple Valley Washington.

"I have the biggest collection of CD's and Box Sets of anyone I know. Yet, the ONLY album I carry around in my car and listen to on a regular basis (aside from my own work) is by Dave Morrison. His songwriting, singing and stagecraft are perfect in every way. Before he released his first album, I used to put hundreds of miles on my car just to hear him play a couple of songs. He is special, without peer. Nobody does what he does. I can't believe I know him and have been lucky enough to share a stage with such a
monster talent."
-Robert Morgan Fisher: Singer-Songwriter, Author, Founder of FolkTacular, Santa Monica Ca.

"The combination of Dave's lyrics and melodies always seems to go straight to my heart.  The impact of his songs is enhanced by his story telling, quirky humor, charm and ability to connect with the audience on a warm and human level."
-Karl Smiley: Producer/Host, Summit Center Concerts, Summit Oregon

"The House Concert was amazing. Dave Morrison was in great form with some familiar songs and some new, and he seems to have this traveling Songwriter Circus thing nailed. He brought some new musicians with him, and the stage in the back yard worked well. We did a song circle inside until after midnight, and none of the neighbors complained. Yet. ;)"
-Rollin Traver: Host of Backyard Invasion Show

"Dave Morrison, songwriter and performer, is my favorite artist in  California.  His musical storytelling evokes a visual tapestry of  tangible emotions and experiences we all have shared as part of the  human experience.  His memories, and his inventive spirit, lead the way toward romantic imagery and poetry of the soul.  I am always impressed by Dave Morrison's capacity for humor and joy in the short-story songs he presents.  He is a very prolific writer, and all his compositions are exceptional.

Dave and I collaborate on my Topanga Acoustic Music Series, and he is the charismatic host of each event. His engaging warmth on stage leaves everyone wanting to come back again and again."
-Marilyn Babcock: Founder and Producer, Topanga Acoustic Music Series, Topanga, Ca.

"A Dave Morrison performance is like a steady stream of nutrients -- his voice is an I.V. tube straight to the heart."
-Brad Colerick: Singer-Songwriter, Producer/Host, Wine & Song Series, South Pasadena, Ca.

"Dave Morrison is a songwriter's songwriter, but that's nothing new. I've been hearing that from songwriters in the Los Angeles area for many years now who were also describing Dave as one of the great unrecorded songwriters in the area. Times change. Dave has released a great debut solo CD that surely lives up to its promise. More importantly, Dave conveys those songs on stage like he's been doing it his whole life, with passion, presence, and an irreverent charm that will win over any audience."
- Russ Paris, Russ & Julie's House Concerts , Oak Park Ca.

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